Who among us has tossed a piece of jewelry aside because it just doesn’t seem to shine the way it used to??? You can help keep everything shiny and new with some minimal extra care. Don't sleep, swim, sunbathe or shower in your jewelry. Exercise, or anything else that causes perspiration, should also be avoided while wearing your jewelry, to minimize exposure to body oils and skin acidity. Simply treat your Sparkle Site Jewelry like a treasured keepsake. That being said, don’t be afraid to wear your new jewelry. Each design has been hand-tested for structural quality and inspected prior to careful packaging and shipment.

Gemstones and Crystals

Most natural gemstones and crystals are quite strong, but try to avoid dropping or banging your jewelry against hard objects as the stones can be scratched, cracked or broken. Polishing the stones and crystals with a soft, dry, lint free cloth is the best way to help them retain their luster.


The most important way to keep jewelry from tarnishing is to keep it clean. If you put it away tarnished, the tarnish will worsen during storage. Exposure to air, humidity and moisture causes tarnish. To minimize tarnish and unwanted patina store your piece in a zip-top bag with the air squeezed out. There are also many readily available, affordable jewelry boxes featuring tarnish-free liners on the market, as well. Simply use a dry, lint free, polishing cloth to wipe any metal chains, findings (earhooks, clasps, etc.) and links.

General Care

Store your handmade jewelry as you would any delicate item. Don't leave your jewelry in direct sunlight. Some stones naturally fade in sunlight, and heat and sun can damage pearls and opals.

Keep chemicals such as perfume, lotions and make-up away from your jewelry. Apply cosmetics first, then put your jewelry on.

Avoid abrasive polishes, dips or scrubbing tools. And remember, dips and commercial jewelry cleaning products will remove the antique patina and any oxidized detailing on silver, gold and copper.

Feel free to reach out to me, directly at iwant2sparkle@gmail.com, if you need any further assistance.